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0 Bar(s) Serving Villacubera Traditional Cider

Style: Cider
Origin: Spain
Brewery: Villacubera

2003 marked a high point for Asturian cider. It saw the creation of the protected denomination of origin for “Sidra Asturias” (Asturian Cider) and with it, our most valued cider, VILLACUBERA. Its name is a combination of our village, Villaviciosa, and Mount Cubera, (the name of the peak that overlooks the village), and which holds a good variety of autochthonous Asturian cider apples. Key to our success: A good and demanding selection of cider apples. Large apples, which have an intense colour, a brilliant shine to them and are perfect, are NOT our cider apples. There is a special apple for cider and therein lies the source of our quality! 6% ABV.

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